Tiny Tigers (ages 4 - 6)

The Tiny Tiger program offers children a strong foundation in essential character qualities.  In addition, the program is designed to improve a child's motor skills and enhance their ability to pay attention and follow directions.


All classes at Dynamic ATA Martial Arts are taught using the most safe, fun and exciting instruction methods available for this age group. This program works in conjunction with the Karate for kids program which emphasizes the same important monthly themes and values systems.

Karate for Kids (ages7-12)


There are many reasons for kids to become involved in martial arts.  At Dynamic ATA, the karate for kids program is based on a life time learning concept in addition to the technical skills of traditional Taekwondo. The building blocks for our system are monthly themes such as:  



. GOALS                    PERSEVERANCE


. COURTESY            HONOR




. RESPECT                INTEGRITY




Karate for kids develops greater self-esteem, discipline and leadership skills while learning basic self-defense maneuvers.

  Adults Martial Arts training for men

Dynamic ATA Martial Arts teaches quality classes. The team of Dynamic ATA Instructors, under the guidence of Master Nominee Gavilan have created classes so that one can truly master the fine art of martial arts for men.

Dynamic ATA Instructors demonstrate the ways in which martial arts and Taekwondo can be utilized in a reality based self-defense and every day life. Building self-confidence and physical fitness are just a couple of the benefits in a martial arts program designed for men.


In adult classes at Dynamic ATA the student will learn real life applications while incorporating skills sets to de-stress from life's challenges.  Dynamic ATA Martial Arts will offer learning skills that will stick with you for life, allowing you to gain the self-confidence that is desired so that you can feel comfortable with confrontation in any situation.


Master Nominee Gavilan, truly believes in martial arts such as Karate, Taekwondo and ATA-MMA Fitness as a way of enhancing body movement including coordination, flexibility with strength and endurance. It allows you to relieve stress while meeting new people and enhancing your social life.  As an adult you do not need to know martial arts specifics or have prior training before you start class.

Women Martial Arts Program

Today's women are looking for a healthy and non-boring way to stay fit that breaks away from their traditional daily routine. Repeating the same exercise such as a run or bike ride every day can contribute to a loss of motivation and is rarely goal oriented.  At Dynamic ATA women are finding the variety of goal oriented conditioning that is exciting.  While the physical nature of martial arts is rewarding and encouraging it also teaches the reality based delf-defense and awareness needed to survive in todays world.


Martial arts classes for women have many important mental and physical health benefits.  The classes at Dynamic ATA increase cardiovascular health while toning vital muscles and building coordination and body awareness.


Women who participate in karate class can improve their flexibility and increase their exercise stamina levels while developing a greater sense of self-confidence.  Along with the martial arts system of measurable physical effects these karate classes also offer many other benefits that can be both seen and felt.  Martial Arts has been known to provide much needed stress relief, promote self-confidence, self control, concentration and boost the ability to remain calm under stress.


At Dynamic ATA Martial Arts, we are always looking for ways to challenge our students to become better, feel good and have fun!


Watch your confidence level sky rocket as you start kicking and punching your way to a new you!!!  ...Let's Get Started...!

At Dynamic ATA we are dedicated to training students of all ages and skill levels.  Our new facility in the Yukon-Mustang Oklahoma area offers all ATA Leadership students a special jiujitsu class named DDR Brazilian Jiujitsu for Dedication, Discipline and Respect ("DDR").


The jiujitsu class is supported by DDR Araruama, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and by ATA -DDR in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Are you looking for something different this year?


How about a Dynamic Black Belt Birthday Party!!!


. 1-1/2 hours of fun filled martial arts and party activities for 15 to 20 guest!


. Learn Basic Self Defense Techniques.


. Enjoy Martial Arts games.


. Awards given out for: Discipline - Effort - Focus.



Please call or stop by the Dynamic ATA Martial Arts school and ask about our Birthday package. We  recommend scheduling at least one month in advance to guarantee your date.